Harvest of Mercy

Have you read my new novel – Harvest of Mercy?

Fleeing heartbreak in London, Samantha takes a job at the British Embassy in Liberia. But it is not long before a new love beckons. And as civil war breaks out, Samantha must make choices which will change her world forever.

An epic journey of love and faith, betrayal and loyalty, failure and redemption which focuses on God’s good plan for humanity.


Newton’s First Law of Motion and its scriptural implication

Every object continues in its state of rest or in its linear motion
unless a force acts upon it.
Scriptural implication:
Every sinner continues in his/her state of sin or hell-bound motion
unless the atoning blood of Jesus acts upon him/her.

I did a Jonah

I am not fit to rebuke Jonah for his refusal to preach
Since I was guilty of same offence he did commit.
For so many years our Lord was hot on my heels,
Asking in love that I may quit my running and serve
But was too busy in my world of lust to see His love.
And now while Jonah’s fish did catch him while on sea
Mine fish did catch me while running on road.
And while Jonah plotted escape through a boat
Mine plot of escape was done while on a bus.
Although both of us did land in belly of fish
But like Jonah, His mercy did save me from belly of death,
And now, a wonderful gift and skill to do His job!

M. Oladapo Adio
January, 2015